news 2012

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1. December, 31st (v0.9.14.30)
added: new tks-setup.exe and Win32 binary snapshots, also see Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 32bit
fixed: tks: virtual method without previous declaration in base class did not raise a parse error
fixed: tks: method/function call after return= assignment caused wrong value to be returned
fixed: tks: if semantic check fails in PTN_Statement, an error message (including module name and line number) is now printed
fixed: tks: crash during initialization of static class member (added lazyInitMutexAndMemberData())
fixed: tks: doubleargexpr object-int YAC_OP_AND modified object
fixed: tks: Time.localtime()() / Time.gmtime()() now convert the current utime to local time resp. greenwich mean time instead of additionally setting utime to the current time
fixed: tks: Time.getUtime()() was not updated after calc()
fixed: tks: empty hashiniexpr raised a parse error
fixed: tks: foreach var was reset to previous content after last iteration (or break)
fixed: tks: typecasting YAC_Value "null" to a String resulted in a (valid) empty String object (e.g. when returning null from a method declared to return a String)
fixed: tks: crash in PTN_IMethodECallY wrong-number-of-arguments error handling if method expects argument(s) but no arglist exists
fixed: tks: script class member tag-id offset shift 8bit overrun (happens when a class extends a base class which alreadys has a lot of members --> reduced rtti field size from 8 to 4 bits and increased offset field size from 8 to 12bits)
added: tks: added missing yacStreamReadI64(), yacStreamReadF64() script interface methods and fixed yacStreamWriteI64(), yacStreamWriteF64() so that the value is not truncated to 32bit anymore
added: tks: define String ACTION_INSTRUMENT_SELECTED; // (constant value = const name)
added: tks: somepakfile.tkp.ef, somepakfile.tkx.ef (pak file extension)
added: tks: TKS.scriptClassConstantToString()()
added: tks: TKS.is64Bit()()
added: tks: TKS.getTksExeDir()()
added: tks: TKS.getDllSuffix()()
changed: tks: added window size parameter to Envelope.insertReplaceEvent()(), Envelope.insertReplaceEventLSB4()(), Envelope.insertReplaceEventMSB4()()
changed: tks: Envelope.timeToIndex()() now returns -2 if the given time is before the first event
fixed: tkui: ui::SplitPane drag start fix
fixed: tkui: ui::TextField now supports ralt modifier key
added: tkui: improved ui::TimerAction class
added: tkui: ui::TableView rctrl opens/closes contextmenu
added: tkui: ui::TableView lctrl modifier now forces row-wise mousewheel scrolling
added: tkui: ui::TableView default cell renderer now supports line breaks
added: tkui: ui::TableView improved tree keyboard navigation (fold/unfold)
added: tkui: ui::FloatParam.setValue()() now auto-extends the min/max range if the configuration permits it (rangeEditable=1)
added: tkui: ui::FloatParam mousedrag snap to 0 within SNAP_ZERO_DIST
2. Older news

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