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Reference Guide

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

This Reference Guide is meant as a hands-on documentation for the TkScript language and its core API.
It does not teach programming in general. However, I tried to include as many (self contained) code examples as possible.
If you already know other (procedural) programming languages, this guide should get you started with TkScript in no time.
If you don't, never mind, the hardest part of "programming" is usually not the syntax, anyway ;)
Here are a few hints that you should keep in mind:
  • Memory managment is, to a certain degree, up to the script application !
    • There is NO garbage collector
      • Nevertheless, memory allocation speed is close-to-optimum due to object pooling. a good, optimized C runtime (e.g. GNU libc) is almost as fast as this. however, benchmarks with other C runtimes have shown that a 2-700% speed up can be achieved.
    • Make sure to read Spawning new objects
  • For novices: it is often not necessary to use "pointers", most objects can copy other objects (=)
  • RAII (Resource_acquisition_is_initialization, look it up on the web!)
  • TkScript is a *support* language for compiler languages like C and C++. it is not meant to replace them !
    • Put your number-crunching, pixel-pushing, cpu-intensive loops in a native C++/YAC plugin !

2. System requirements and installation
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TkScript is available as source code which is distributed under terms of the GNU General Public License.
Precompiled packages for Win32/X86 are released on a regular basis.
The sources can be compiled on Win32, Linux, Cygwin (tested) and probably also on other Un*x - alike operating systems (Solaris, Irix, QNX, FreeBSD, ...). Also see Compiling on GNU/Linux.
TkScript uses zlib to handle compressed script packages (.tkx, .tsl).
The script engine has been tested on several CPU architectures including Intel x86, Motorola 68K, PowerPC and ARM v5-v7.
The plugin libraries have different requirements, e.g. OpenGL 1.1 and SDL/SDL_net are required for the tksdl and tkopengl plugins.
The JIT is currently only supported on X86/32bit. A new JIT (featuring e.g. register allocation) has been developed which currently supports the X86/32, X64 and ARMv5 instruction set architectures (ISAs) but it still needs to be integrated in TkScript.
Please see the Downloads page for details on how to obtain and install TkScript.

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