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Object -> Vector


x - 
y - 
z - 
abs - 
absAdd - 
absMax - 
string - 


       add          (Vector)
       addScale     (Vector _v, float _s)
       blend        (Vector,float _blend)
       cross        (Vector _a, Vector _b)
float  dot          (Vector _v)
       faGet        (FloatArray _fa, float _index) - read from float array 
       faSet        (FloatArray _fa, float _index) - write to float array 
float  getAbs       ()
float  getAbsAdd    ()
float  getAbsMax    ()
       glColor      ()
       glColorGamma (float _g)
       glNormal     ()
       glScale      ()
       glVertex     ()
       init         (float _x, float _y, float _z)
       initScale    (Vector _v, float _s)
       initv        (Vector)
float  getX         ()
float  getY         ()
float  getZ         ()
       neg          ()
String getString    ()
       rotate       (Vector|Matrix _vm)
       rotateAdd    (Vector|Matrix _vm, Vector _transl)
       rotateInv    (Vector|Matrix _vm)
       rotateInvAdd (Vector|Matrix _vm, Vector _transl)
       rotateXCW    ()
       rotateXCCW   ()
       rotateYCW    ()
       rotateYCCW   ()
       rotateZCW    ()
       rotateZCCW   ()
       scalef       (float _s)
       scalev       (Vector)
       setX         (float)
       setY         (float)
       setZ         (float)
       sphere       (float _ax, float _ay, float _az, float _radius)
       sub          (Vector)
       unit         ()
       unitScale    (float _s)

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