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Object -> Color


ai     -alpha component, 0..255 
af     -alpha component, 0..1 
bi     -blue component, 0..255 
bf     -blue component, 0..1 
colori -32bit #argb value
color4b-in r,g,b,a memory order 
gamma  -gamma, 0..n 
gi     -green component, 0..255 
gf     -green component, 0..1 
ri     -red component, 0..255 
rf     -red component, 0..1 
string -"#argb" format 


int    getAi                            ()
float  getAf                            ()
int    getBi                            ()
float  getBf                            ()
int    getBlendf                        (float _blend) - blend to white, return packed #aarrggbb 32bit int 
int    getColori                        ()
int    getColor4b                       () - return in r,g,b,a byte order (includes endian conversion)
float  getGamma                         ()
int    getGammaf                        (float _gamma) - fade to black, return packed #aarrggbb 32bit int 
int    getGi                            ()
float  getGf                            ()
int    getRi                            ()
float  getRf                            ()
String getString                        ()
       glColor                          ()
       glColorGamma                     (float _g)
       glLightMaterialAmbient           (int _face)
       glLightMaterialDiffuse           (int _face)
       glLightMaterialAmbientAndDiffuse (int _face)
       glLightMaterialSpecular          (int _face)
       glLightMaterialEmission          (int _face)
       init3f                           (float _r, float _g, float _b)
       init4i                           (int _r, int _g, int _b, int _a)
       init4f                           (float _r, float _g, float _b, float _a)
       initGamma3f                      (float _r, float _g, float _b, float _gamma)
int    mixf                             (Color _o, float _amount) - mix with other color, return packed #aarrggbb 32bit int 
       setAi                            (int)
       setAf                            (float)
       setBi                            (int)
       setBf                            (float)
       setColori                        (int)
       setGamma                         (float)
       setGi                            (int)
       setGf                            (float)
       setRi                            (int)
       setRf                            (float)
       setRgbpi                         (int)



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