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Object -> SDL



int      allocPickingColor   ()
         delay               (int _ms)
int      enableKeyRepeat     (int _delay, int _interval)
int      enableUNICODE       (int _bEnabled) - enable/disable unicode key lookup. default==enabled.
         eventLoop           () - enter event loop; poll/wait for events depending on "redrawFlag" setting
         exitEventLoop       ()
int      getEventPolling     () - true or false 
Joystick getJoystick         (int _idx) - get Joystick object for Joystick #_idx
int      getNumJoysticks     () - return number of available joysticks
int      getRedrawFlag       () - REDRAW_ALL or REDRAW_DIRTY
int      getSysWMInfo        () - query SDL internal host dependent structure. Only useful to "c" extensions.
int      getTicks            () - 1000 ticks= 1 sec 
         initPickingColors   () -
int      isApplicationActive () -query whether graphics output is currently active.
         sendUserEvent       (String) - put event on SDL user event queue
         sendUserEvent       (Event)
         setEventPolling     (int _enabled)
         setPriority         (int _prio) - PRIORITY_xxx. use with extreme care. 
         setRedrawFlag       (int _f) - REDRAW_ALL or REDRAW_DIRTY 
         triggerEvent        (String) - immediately deliver event
         triggerEvent        (Event)
         updateJoysticks     () - update state of joystick buttons/axes

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