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Object -> ValueArray


numElements - - number of used elements 
maxElements - - number of available elements 


int     alloc          (int _max)  - allocate _max elements, numElements will be reset to 0
        empty          ()          - reset numElements to 0 
int     findPointer    (Object _o) - return index of element or -1 if _o was not found
        free           ()          - free all elements, reset numElements and maxElements to 0
<var>     get        (int _index) - get value at index by reference, silently return void if value was not found
<var>     getDeref   (int _index) - get value at index by value, silently return void if value was not found
int     getNumElements ()          - return number of used elements
int     getMaxElements ()          - return total number of available elements
String  getString      ()          - convert array to string representation
int     realloc        (int _num)  - resize array, preserve content if possible
        reverse        ()          - reverse element order
        setNumElements (int _i)    - set number of used elements
boolean swap           (int _idxa, _idb) - swap elements 


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